The Right Clothes for Your Body Type

The clothes you wear should be related to your body type and you should wear the women’s dresses regarding the body type you possess.

Different body types

Different women have different body types and many of them have no idea how to dress like your body type. Here is an easy guide;

Off the shoulder women’s tops

If your beauty bones are really beautiful, wearing off the shoulder shirts will suit you a lot. This is because they will make your beauty bones even more prominent and you will be able to feel more good with your body. So yeah, for the good vibes just go with the off the shoulder shirts. Not just that they are in fashion but also, Own the look sale will play a huge role in making you look more beautiful.

Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses do so much favor to the pregnant women because they cover up their belly bump to some extent. It is very good for those women who love to dress up but are not so interested in revealing or showing off their pregnancy body to everyone.

Maxi Dresses

Pencil skirt

Slim girls should really go with the pencil skirts because they make their body look more charming. For office going ladies, the pencil skirt is such a great formal wear and if you are slim, it does more than good t you. So, go with the pencil skirts if you have a slim body.

Pencil Skirt


For the latest fashion freaks, miniskirts are a huge treat. Not just they look amazing on the skinny legs but also look good on the bulky legs as well. So yeah go with them if you are cool enough with wearing revealing miniskirts.

Mini Skirt

Women’s tops

Tops might look very easy to choose but choosing them according to t your body type is kind of a struggle. If you have a healthy body, you would prefer wearing something that makes you look better like wearing dark colors. That one thing which is to be seen by all the people in the design of the dresses they wear. If the design is good enough, the colors do not matter that much but if the design is not appealing to the eyes, people would be reluctant in buying the dress.

Women's Top

Know your body type and buy the dresses that suit your body type in the best way. If you have a problem choosing the dresses, you can get the help of an online store of Ownthelook. There you will be able to choose from a lot of new, latest and stylish dresses which have everything you would ever wish for.

Worldwide delivery

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