Becoming a Fashion Model

It must look easy to be a fashion model. All they have to do is stand there and look pretty and smile, and everyone adores them for it, and they get adorned with all the hottest fashions. Not to mention they get paid millions of dollars in endorsement deals and they get to travel all over the world for both work and leisure. The glamorous aspects of the job are undoubtedly thrilling, however being a fashion model is not as easy or care-free of a lifestyle as it seems.

First of all, before any model becomes well-known, they must be signed by a modeling agency. Modeling agencies are larger companies that represent fashion models to work in the industry. They often handle the business side of fashion design, like contracts, billing and booking jobs. An agency can bring a model to fame with their vast connections in the industry. One of the hardest parts is getting signed by the agency in the first place. In order to even hope to qualify, women models must be between 5’6″ and 6’0″ with a body weight “proportionate to their height”. In other words, perspective models must be extremely thin. Since hundreds and thousands of girls audition for modeling jobs, a successful model must have something-some special quality that makes her stand out from the hoards of wannabe models.

Autograph Fashion Model Tips

Once a signed, working model, you must constantly search for ways to get yourself out there. One of the biggest events in both the modeling and fashion design world is fashion week. A fashion week is a week-long series of runway shows that feature several different designers’ new collections. New York City’s Mercedes Benz fashion week is one of the most famous fashion weeks, along with Paris and Milan, the fashion capitals of the world. Exposure on a runway during fashion week can lead to high-class, lucrative contracts for models. Each fashion week often shows collections of over one hundred designers, and each designer showcases a spring and a fall collection, but compared to how many models vie for spots on these runways, the competition is still fierce!

The next step towards supermodel stardom is landing a spot as the face of a prestigious fashion campaign. Fashion campaigns for particular designers can earn models quite a substantial amount of money, as well as enough exposure to have them steadily working for a long time. One of the most popular examples of this is the fragrance campaign, and fashion design houses such as Gucci, Valentino and Chanel run extremely high-class advertisements for their fragrance products, that only the most elite of models participate in.

Things to Consider to Be a Fashion

The Haute Couture of modeling is a specific kind modeling that requires a great deal of commitment and passion.

Looks matter

Unlike commercial or advertisement modeling which accepts almost all kinds of models based on their relevance to the marketplace, fashion modeling is almost like an art form that has its own unique standard to meet. Usually a height of above 170cm, waist measurement of 35″-36″ and angular jaw, cheek and collar bones are expected. It is very rare for shorter models to be in fashion modeling, in which case only a very exceptional skin or look will be able to pass through. The sad truth is that either you’re born with it or you are not. There are many options in the modeling world, and not everyone is suited for everything.

Know the Best Modeling Market for You

Your look and style should also consider the market you want to be in. To fit in the demand in the types of high fashion you will be involved will mostly cater to an Asian or West market. The styles are not fixed to solely Asian, but incorporate many types of high fashion including Western trends. For markets like South Asia, modeling is mostly indigenous in nature and will have to adopt the market’s style, in which case it should suit your looks. Because of a rapidly globalizing world, one has to conduct thorough research to be able to identify which market is best for their particular look and style.

Find a good agency

Finding a good agency can never be understated in its importance. Not all agencies cater to fashion modeling and some only provide specific styles. You should seek out for agencies that will be able to provide for a variety of styles. A good agency will also take the time and effort to create a good portfolio for you and market your brand and look well. You should do some research on the top model agencies and the previous models they have helped to develop before you make a finalized decision.

Establish networks and exposure

As you get exposed to various clients throughout your career, aim to establish good contacts through networking and who knows what kind of opportunities may pass by your way. Also make sure to keep constant contact with your bookers or model agents for opportunities in the market. Gain as diverse a range of exposure as possible. Fashion model’ contracts are hard to get, so if you want it you have to be patient and be willing to cooperate with the Booker.

Fashion modeling is a competitive industry that doesn’t suit everyone. It requires much commitment in terms of time and energy and only accepts certain ideal bodies.

Becoming a Fashion Model

As a newcomer in to the fashion industry, you will need to understand that there are a variety of different traits and qualities that are required in order to become a good fashion model. It will soon become apparent to you that having a good body or good looks are not the only two things that are required to become a successful fashion model, but there are various other things that you need to possess as well. First of all, the initial hurdle that you will have to face when you decide on entering the fashion industry is to get selected by a modeling agency. Generally, there are a few modeling agencies that hold auditions in order to select their models, while others usually hire models on the basis of their portfolios.

For this reason, you will need to have a very strong portfolio if you wish to become a fashion model. Your portfolio needs to have pictures of you posing in a variety of different clothes and manners in order to make it clear to the viewer that you are able to handle all types of fashion modeling and that you can easily survive the rigors of the industry. Models have to try on all sorts of different dresses throughout their careers, which is the reason why it is so important that you possess a diverse portfolio in order to make it much easier for the selectors to choose you.

Once you get selected, you will need to learn all of the different traits and qualities that a good fashion model must possess. Modeling agencies tend to groom their models according to their own standards. If you fail to do the job according to the way your manager would want you to, you will have to take in a lot of criticism from them, while there are also chances that you will get fired completely.

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The Right Clothes for Your Body Type

The clothes you wear should be related to your body type and you should wear the women’s dresses regarding the body type you possess.

Different body types

Different women have different body types and many of them have no idea how to dress like your body type. Here is an easy guide;

Off the shoulder women’s tops

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Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses do so much favor to the pregnant women because they cover up their belly bump to some extent. It is very good for those women who love to dress up but are not so interested in revealing or showing off their pregnancy body to everyone.

Maxi Dresses

Pencil skirt

Slim girls should really go with the pencil skirts because they make their body look more charming. For office going ladies, the pencil skirt is such a great formal wear and if you are slim, it does more than good t you. So, go with the pencil skirts if you have a slim body.

Pencil Skirt


For the latest fashion freaks, miniskirts are a huge treat. Not just they look amazing on the skinny legs but also look good on the bulky legs as well. So yeah go with them if you are cool enough with wearing revealing miniskirts.

Mini Skirt

Women’s tops

Tops might look very easy to choose but choosing them according to t your body type is kind of a struggle. If you have a healthy body, you would prefer wearing something that makes you look better like wearing dark colors. That one thing which is to be seen by all the people in the design of the dresses they wear. If the design is good enough, the colors do not matter that much but if the design is not appealing to the eyes, people would be reluctant in buying the dress.

Women's Top

Know your body type and buy the dresses that suit your body type in the best way. If you have a problem choosing the dresses, you can get the help of an online store of Ownthelook. There you will be able to choose from a lot of new, latest and stylish dresses which have everything you would ever wish for.

Worldwide delivery

Own the look Fashion is serving a lot of people from around the world. Now you can order their products from anywhere from the smartphone you have or the laptop you are using. Your favorite dress is just a click away to become the part of your wardrobe so do not let this opportunity go away from you.

Know on How to Become a Fashion Model

The best thing to do as usual nowadays if wondering how to become a fashion model is to precisely type how to become a model into the search engines of your computer. Some useful advices may show up but there is really no direct way or school teaching you how to become a fashion model. Anyhow there are some crucial things to consider.

After typing how to become a model you will most probably get many websites advertising modeling schools, but be warned that those schools are usually a waste of money since very few professional models have ever came out of such schools. As a matter of fact your best shot is to contact or visit an agency and they can tell you the most important steps to take regarding how to become a model. First of all they will tell you to keep your make up and clothing simple when you come for an interview, since they need to see your natural looks in order to decide what make up and/or clothing might suit you the best. They shall also tell you that you have to be very relaxed and natural in front of the camera.

So if you have the looks and you have passed the initial tests the agency will most probably help you with your questions regarding how to become a fashion model.

The agencies will help you move into one of the most important cities of the fashion industry which are New York, Paris and/or Milan. They tend to help new models settle, introduce them with the business community and help them get jobs with the top companies in the business.

If you are asking yourself how to become a fashion guy you should keep in mind that once you have made the introductions in the world of fashion you still have a long and dangerous way before actually becoming a successful and established fashion model.

You should keep in mind that the money and the glamour that surrounds the fashion industry attracts many sharks and quite a few models have been cheated out of their fees and have also ended up raped and/or beaten. The agencies on the other hand try to explain the dangers and what kind of clients to avoid to anyone asking how to become a fashion model.

All About Fashion Modelling

Fashion modeling is one of the most popular and one of the richest industries in the world at present. Each country has their own fashion trends and designs, and fashion modeling is the art of wearing those designs and displaying them to the girl. Fashion models are professionally trained artists who know how to catwalk and carry themselves gracefully across the ramp. These models are generally selected on the basis of a criterion. This criterion is set by the modeling agency. Models are regarded as the face of the fashion demonstrating agency. All the clothes that are designed by the designers in a fashion agency are adorned by the models and shown to the world in fashion shows.

The reason why the fashion industry is booming all the time is due to the changes in the fashion trends. Fashion tends to rapidly evolve during the passage of time. People tend to wear different kinds of clothes in winters and in summers, so usually new dresses are introduced in the market whenever a change of season is taking place. However, different fashion agencies tend to introduce different designs, so with the help of fashion modeling techniques, they introduce these designs in the market and showcase them for the general market.

In some fashion shows, general public can attend as well, but usually, only invitees are welcome. Before applying for fashion modeling, you should fulfill a certain list of requirements. These generally range from a slim and a sleek body, as well as a good figure and a pretty outlook. Generally, the majority of the fashion market is focused on women’s fashion, as that is the niche in which the larger amount of innovation is allowed. Men’s fashion is also increasing in trends and designs, but mainly these are generally restrictive. Secondly, it is a general concept that women are more in to fashion than men, which is why designers usually concentrate their focus on female fashion.

Fashion Model Agency

It goes without saying that countless individuals, male and female, young and old, want to test the waters of modeling. Maybe it’s high fashion, maybe it’s swimsuit and maybe it’s commercial print. Regardless, millions of people go after modeling jobs every year. However, are you aware that not ever fashion model agency is looking for the same thing. If you haven’t already noticed, different agencies employ different models to create different looks for their campaigns. What does this mean? How about that there is no exact norm in the modeling industry. While a fashion model agency will have certain expectation from potential models, that “model look” may not always be the same.

Have you ever ventured off to a go-see or open call at a fashion model agency? If the answer is no, then let me give you a quick scoop. Most fashion modeling agencies offer a particular time each week or month where they allow aspiring models to come in and be examined. You can bring in a portfolio or merely a few snapshots. Just so you know, most high-end fashion agencies don’t want to see glamour shots or any made-up photos for that matter. They want to see what you truly look like, make-up free and hair up. After all, your complexion, hair, teeth and figure are all major aspects of modeling. If you don’t have any professional pictures, don’t worry about it. Simple take a few snap shots and bring them with your to the fashion model agency you’re interested in.

The web has quite a bit to offer in regards to fashion model agencies now days! What I mean is, you can look up their official websites any time you choose. Often a fashion model agency will allow you to contact them via email and attach a few photos for them to look at. This way they’re able to distinguish on some level whether or not they’d be interested in seeing you in-person. In some cases, fashion modeling agencies will even fly you out and do a test shoot. This is the best way to determine if they can make money off of your look. If you are interested in modeling, don’t put the dream on hold. Most women are teenagers when they tack this field and men are in their twenties.

A Guide to Become a Fashion

A fashion model is a person whose job is to wear all of the clothes of the latest fashion and model them for viewers and other onlookers so that they are able to check them out carefully. Fashion models are generally hired by modeling agencies, who then grant them opportunities in various fashion shows and designer shows, giving them a chance to make a proper name for themselves in the field of fashion designing. How to become a fashion model is a question asked by many people, but you should know that it is not really an easy task due to the fact that there are a variety of different people that you must meet, and so many different hurdles that you must cross.

The most important thing in learning how to become a model is that you will have to face the eyes of a great deal of people. The job of a model is to wear the dresses designed by designers gracefully and portray them to viewers in a manner that it looks both stylish and elegant. For this reason, a fashion model has to pay a great deal of attention to the way he or she walks and all of the slightest bits of movements that they make, as they are being scrutinized very closely.

How to become a fashion model is a very important thing for many people, and they have to learn carefully all of the different intricacies and requirements that they must fulfill in order to become a good fashion model. There are a variety of different books and articles that have been written which teach people on how to become a model, allowing them to learn all of the ways of becoming a good professional model and what they must do in order to make a name for themselves in this field.

The best way by which you can learn on how to become a professional model is to check out the various different internet websites that are present, which will help you greatly in understanding the qualities and traits that are possessed by some of the most successful and the most popular models throughout time. By reading such material, you will be able to better realize how to become a model, making it easy for you to become successful quickly. You can easily learn how to become a model by following the things written in these resource books and materials.

Become a Male Fashion

From Janice Dickinson to Naomi Campbell, the world of fashion is over-done with faces of female models. Despite having as many male models in the same industry, they are left to take the backstage to their female counterparts. If you have wanted to become a male fashion model, look no further because all of the information you been looking for, you will get it all here.

Male models in fashion play a very important role. They do the same job the female ones do. The style you see in your man or his sense of fashion is all thanks to models like Tyson Beckford, William Levy and Tyrese.

To become a male fashion model, you have to be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared. There is more than hard work required. The career needs a lot of patience, perseverance and dedication on the part of the model. If you think you have all these, here are tips to help you towards making it big on the runway.

You have to be between 5’11” to 6’2″ tall and with a maximum of 175 pounds. A model’s prime age is from 18 to 25, but they may go on to their forties if they are able to age well. You have to maintain your shape by remaining lean and well toned, fit and healthy.

Make yourself visible by going to cities where fashion is on the hit like in New York, Milan and Paris; stay at the center of modeling as you lookout for good jobs.

Work on your portfolio: A good portfolio will market you more as you look for jobs and build on your career. Have a professional photographer take your best shots on different poses and clothes.

Finding an agent who is credible and reputable will do wonders for you. You need to research to find the best modeling agencies around your area and for you to seek services from the best.

Remain optimistic. You will most probably be turned down many times; do not let this tear you apart. Your desire and enthusiasm to become successful is what should keep you going. Some of the fashion models today actually were rejected many times before they got the big break.